A unique number valid for life

Each certificate has a unique, multi-character number assigned for life.
This number corresponds to a single article. In the event of transfer of this one, it is therefore necessary to transmit the certificate to the new owner.

To transmit

Declaring a change of owner makes it possible to record the transfer of your item in the database, and thus allow its new owner to take full advantage of the universe of dedicated services linked to his card, as well as the history of this card. this.

How to send your certificate?

Here’s the procedure to follow :

1 – Scan your metal card
3 – follow the steps

Don’t forget to return the card to its new owner.


Should we carry out a new inspection when disposing of the item?


We recommend having a new inspection carried out at the time of its transfer. This new inspection will be recorded on the certificate:

It facilitates the sale

– The buyer is reassured about the items he acquires
– The market value is confirmed by an estimate range
She protects the seller

– Certifies the condition and authenticity of the items upon transfer
– Thus proves the good faith of the seller at the time of the sale

It guarantees the buyer

– Provides proof that the item he is buying is genuine

She supports the professional

– Attracts enthusiasts to him when they need his expertise
– Allows him to monitor the condition of the items exchanged, and if necessary to offer an optional overhaul or maintenance if this seems necessary.

It values ​​the article

– The part is checked again to ensure that it is kept in the best possible condition in order to extend its life


Our specialists will review your submission and provide preliminary estimates.


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