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Art, customers and craftsmanship are the three pillars on which Woltz & Welstein is built. Art is at the center of everything we do here. We believe that access to beautiful and special objects is an important part of personal and cultural life.

Serving our customers is our major ambition. We cherish the role we have won as cultural custodians of the objects that pass through our hands. The depth of our experience spans time, geographies and tastes. Thanks to our close relationships with our clients – whether they are collectors, art academics, institutions or art enthusiasts – we have the privilege of sharing with them the love of art and the enthusiasm for conservation, exhibitions and sales.

Expertise is our main asset. Whatever field they work in or their role in the company, our employees must be experts in their field.

Therefore, our company values ​​are based on passionate expertise, exceptional customer service, business judgment, integrity, respect, teamwork and innovation.


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