Whether employed by Woltz & Welstein or independent, the experts who authenticate and certify your articles are all members of Unions or official Syndicates and must have a title recognized by the profession.

They are generally members of Unions or Syndicates such as:

– the Union of Experts
– The National Union of Professional Experts in works of art and collectibles

Experts can be, for example:

– Expert at the Court of Appeal
– CEA Watchmaking-Collector’s Watches Expert



All our experts have professional insurance.
Through their know-how and their certification, they engage their responsibility and lend credibility to the certificates they sign.


As part of their missions, the experts respect a detailed charter.

This confidential document covers the following points:

– General conditions for the exercise of expertise
– Evaluation methodology
– Missions and diligence
– Impact of maintenance and restoration operations on the appraisal process.

The expertise charter was defined on the basis of recommendations from experts, dealers and brands.


Our specialists will review your submission and provide preliminary estimates.


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