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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my item is lost or stolen during delivery?

In the event of a claim during the withdrawal or delivery of your item, it will be refunded to you according to the amount of its highest rating.

What if your analysis turns out to be wrong?

We stake our reputation on each authentication, which is why at least two qualified professionals will be responsible for analyzing your article. If despite this our assessment turns out to be incorrect, we will reimburse you at new value for the checked item.

What does the certificate of authenticity look like?

You can see a preview of the Certificate of Authenticity here.

Are delivery costs included in the price?


How long does authentication take?

The average time between receipt of the photos or article and the uploading of the certificate is one hour. This period can be extended in case of doubts.

Where do you insert the authentication token?

It is inserted inside the article by our teams of qualified professionals.

How will I know when my order is complete?

Once the article has been reviewed and processed by two experts, an email will be sent to you.

What form of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards.

Can you authenticate an item before purchasing it?

Yes ! We encourage buyers to include the link of the item they are considering purchasing so that our experts can pre-authenticate it.

What name will appear on the certificate?

By default, we will display the name of the person who made the payment. However, if you would prefer otherwise, you can ask us to do so.

Why was my order refunded?

In very rare cases, we may not be able to authenticate an item. We will then prefer to reimburse you rather than giving you a result without proof or certainty.

What does the small square on my certificate mean?

This is a QR code that can be used to instantly verify any documentation provided by Woltz & Welstein. You just need to scan it with your smartphone’s camera to be automatically redirected to the certificate.

What is an authentication token?

The authentication token is used to check the authenticity of an article analyzed by Woltz & Welstein from a simple smartphone.

What does an authentication token look like?

We have several types of authentication tokens, each one suitable for authenticated products. They can be the size of a coin so they can easily slip into your favorite it bag, or much thinner to fit into a watch.


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