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21 / 06 / 2023


Céline Luc


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Expertise Report

Subject: Authentication Expertise for a Saint Laurent UPTOWN

General Information:

  • Brand: Saint Laurent
  • Model: UPTOWN
  • Description: Crocodile embossed shiny leather envelope clutch adorned with the Cassandre logo
  • Dimensions: 27 X 16 X 2 CM
  • Details: Gold-toned metal details, magnetic closure
  • Material: 100% calf leather
  • Style ID: 565739DND0J1000
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy

Description of the Expertise:

We, the undersigned, Elsa Valletoux, experts in luxury articles and leather goods, have been commissioned to conduct an expertise to confirm the authenticity of the Saint Laurent handbag, model UPTOWN.

1. Exterior Inspection of the Handbag:

During our visual inspection, we noted the following features:

  • Leather: The handbag is crafted from shiny calf leather with an embossed crocodile pattern. The quality of the leather meets the standards of Saint Laurent, with a consistent texture and precise finishing.
  • Stitching: The stitching is done with great precision and is even, which is a crucial indicator of the authenticity of Saint Laurent products.
  • Gold-toned metal details: The metal elements, such as buckles, closures, and logos, are in gold-toned metal, consistent with the characteristic style of Saint Laurent products.
  • Cassandre logo: The iconic Cassandre logo of Saint Laurent is present on the handbag, symmetrically and in relief.
  • Dimensions: The handbag’s dimensions match the specifications provided: 27 cm in length, 16 cm in height, and 2 cm in depth.

2. Interior Inspection of the Handbag:

  • Main compartment: The interior of the handbag features a spacious main compartment, consistent with the product description.

3. Labels and Markings:

We carefully examined the labels and markings of the handbag. We were able to identify the presence of the label with the style ID “565739DND0J1000,” indicating the model of the handbag.

4. Origin of the Handbag:

According to the provided information, the handbag was manufactured in Italy, which is in line with Saint Laurent’s usual production practices.


After a thorough analysis of the Saint Laurent UPTOWN handbag, we confirm its authenticity. All observed features, such as the quality of the leather, gold-toned metal details, Cassandre logo, dimensions, and labels, are consistent with original products from the Saint Laurent brand.

This report has been prepared impartially and professionally, in accordance with the provided information and our expertise in the field.

Done in Paris, on 21/06/23

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Elsa Valletoux
Authentication expert

Woltz & Welstein hereby guarantees compensation up to $ 5,000 if our valuation is found to be inaccurate.

This document can serve as proof of the authentication status.

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