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09 / 06 / 2022


Nadege Nemili


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Expertise Report on the Authenticity of a Dior Caro Bag in Soft Ivory Calfskin with Cannage Stitching, Reference: M9242UWHC_M35U


Date of Expertise: 09/06/2022

Expert: Elsa Valletoux

Client: Nadege Nemili


Description of the Bag

The Dior Caro bag is a creation that combines modernity and timeless elegance. This medium-sized model is crafted in soft ivory calfskin with Cannage stitching. The bag features a flap punctuated by an aged gold-tone twist CD clasp, inspired by a Christian Dior perfume bottle. The detachable chain strap with signature CD links allows for hand, shoulder, or crossbody carrying and can be replaced with a wide embroidered Maison strap for versatile day-to-night wear.


Bag Features

The Dior Caro bag exhibits the following features:

  1. Flap closure with twist CD clasp.
  2. Embossed “30 MONTAIGNE” signature at the back.
  3. Adjustable and detachable chain with Christian Dior-inspired military-style buckle.
  4. The chain can be opened using the two removable X-shaped links in the middle.
  5. Interior zip pocket and flat pocket.
  6. Back pocket.
  7. Option to mix with Maison’s embroidered straps.
  8. Includes a protective bag.
  9. Made in Italy.


Authenticity Analysis

The expertise focused on the entirety of the features of the Dior Caro bag in soft ivory calfskin with Cannage stitching, bearing the reference M9242UWHC_M35U. Below are the detailed results of the analysis:

  1. Leather and Stitching: The soft ivory calfskin with Cannage stitching is consistent with the expected quality standards of an authentic Dior Caro bag. The stitching is precise, even, and symmetrical.
  2. Twist CD Clasp: The aged gold-tone twist CD clasp adheres to the characteristic design of an authentic Dior Caro bag. It operates smoothly and securely.
  3. “30 MONTAIGNE” Signature: The embossed “30 MONTAIGNE” signature at the back of the bag matches the typographical style used by Maison Dior.
  4. Signature CD Chain: The detachable chain with a military-style buckle, featuring signature CD links, aligns with the original specifications. The links are well-adjusted and sturdy, and the chain opens easily using the two removable X-shaped links.
  5. Interior and Exterior Pockets: The interior zip pocket, flat pocket, and back pocket are present and conform to the characteristics of an authentic Dior Caro bag.
  6. Option to Mix with Embroidered Straps: The Dior Caro bag indeed allows mixing with Maison’s embroidered straps, offering various carrying options.
  7. Protective Bag and Country of Manufacture: The presence of a protective bag and the mention of “Made in Italy” correspond to Dior’s practices for its authentic products.



After a thorough analysis, it is confirmed that the Dior Caro bag in soft ivory calfskin with Cannage stitching, reference M9242UWHC_M35U, is authentic and complies with the specifications provided by Maison Dior. All components of the bag, including the leather, stitching, twist CD clasp, signature CD chain, pockets, and other details, meet Dior’s high standards of quality and design.

This expertise report is made in good faith and is based on the observations made during the conducted expertise. It is intended for use in identifying and certifying the authenticity of the specific bag in question.

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Elsa Valletoux
Authentication expert

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