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21 / 06 / 2023


Céline Luc


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This report details the authentication process of the Celine monochrome quilted shoulder bag with a chain, made of arctic white quilted calfskin, bearing the reference number 111273EYD.01HT and the serial number W-SL-2282. Following a comprehensive analysis using various methods and consultations, we unequivocally confirm the authenticity of this item.


In the world of luxury items, the authenticity of a product is of paramount importance. In this context, we were commissioned to confirm the authenticity of a particularly sought-after Celine bag. The steps of the authentication process are detailed below.


1. Physical and Visual Examination

1.1 Visual Inspection: Thorough inspection of the bag’s features, including the quality of the leather, quilted patterns, stitching, and chain details.

1.2 Microscopy: Use of an electron microscope to analyze the fibers and materials used.

2. Chemical Analysis

2.1 Infrared Spectroscopy: Analysis of the chemical composition of the materials used in the manufacturing of the bag.

3. Documentary Analysis

3.1 Verification of Reference and Serial Number: Verification of the reference 111273EYD.01HT and the serial number W-SL-2282 in the brand’s database.

3.2 Receipt Analysis: Detailed examination of the provided receipt to confirm the details of the transaction.

3.3 Consultations with the Brand: Direct consultations with the Celine brand representatives, Ms. Charlène Ballester and Ms. Camille Torres, to confirm the details and authenticity of the bag.


  1. Physical and Visual Examination:
    • The visual examination confirmed that the bag’s details match the brand’s specifications for the model in question.
    • The microscopic analysis revealed that the materials used are of the highest quality, consistent with the standards of the Celine brand.
  2. Chemical Analysis:
    • The spectroscopic analyses confirmed the expected chemical composition of the materials used in an authentic Celine bag.
  3. Documentary Analysis:
    • The reference and serial number match the official records of the Celine brand.
    • The receipt analysis confirmed that the transaction was legitimate.
    • The representatives of the Celine brand confirmed the authenticity of the bag.


Following a series of in-depth analyses and consultations, we can affirm without any doubt that the Celine monochrome quilted shoulder bag with a chain in arctic white quilted calfskin, reference 111273EYD.01HT, is authentic. The results of the scientific tests and consultations with the brand representatives confirm this conclusion.

Leather Analysis Expertise Report

Date: June 21, 2023

Location: Central Laboratory for the Authentication of Luxury Items, Paris, France

Lead Expert: Anthony Garnier

Co-expert: Ms. Elsa Valletoux

Subject: Evaluation of the Leather Quality Used in the Celine Monochrome Quilted Shoulder Bag (REFERENCE: 111273EYD.01HT)


This report aims to detail the comprehensive analysis conducted to assess the quality of the leather used in the manufacturing of the Celine monochrome quilted shoulder bag. A sample of the leather was taken from the bag, and a series of rigorous scientific tests were conducted to evaluate its quality. Here are the methods used and the results obtained.


Evaluating the quality of leather is a crucial step in determining the authenticity of a luxury item. In this regard, we conducted a series of tests to analyze the resistance and durability of the leather used in crafting the bag in question.

Methods and Results

1. Tensile Strength Test

Procedure: The leather sample was fixed in a tensile testing machine to measure its tensile strength resistance.


  • Maximum force endured: 650 N
  • Elongation at break: 25%

Conclusion: The leather exhibits excellent tensile strength, showcasing the superior quality of the material used.

2. Abrasion Resistance Test

Procedure: The test was conducted using a Martindale abrasion machine to assess the leather’s resistance to repeated wear.


  • Cycles until first visible wear: 40,000 cycles
  • Cycles until failure: 80,000 cycles

Conclusion: The leather showed high resistance to abrasion, indicating its durability and ability to withstand wear over a long period.

3. Flexural Resistance Test

Procedure: This test was conducted by repeatedly bending the leather sample to evaluate its flexural resistance.


  • Cycles until first crack: 25,000 cycles
  • Cycles until failure: 55,000 cycles

Conclusion: The leather demonstrated good flexural resistance, indicating its ability to maintain its integral structure even under repeated stresses.

4. Water Permeability Test

Procedure: This test was conducted to evaluate the leather’s resistance to water, measuring the time it takes for water to penetrate through the leather.


  • Time until complete water penetration: 60 minutes

Conclusion: The leather showed excellent water resistance, which is an indicator of its high quality and durability.

General Conclusion

Following a series of rigorous tests, we can affirm that the leather used in the manufacturing of the Celine monochrome quilted shoulder bag is of superior quality. The test results, indicating excellent resistance to tensile forces, abrasion, flexure, and good water permeability, confirm the authenticity and quality of the leather.

Time Spent

The entire analysis process took two weeks, including sample preparation and conducting the tests.


Anthony Garnier
Lead Expert

Ms. Elsa Valletoux

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Elsa Valletoux
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